:confused68: I don’t know what the heck happened this morning, but suddenly my RSS feeds exploded. Every blog I read suddenly showed every post as new. Weird.

So, while watching Whose Line (the Brit edition), First 48 and Hex (which isn’t as good now as when it started, but I can’t seem to stop watching) last night I worked on my characters’ backgrounds. Where they live. Where they work. Their families. Fun stuff! :)

Today’s horoscopes:

“Come out of your shell and be proud of your sensitive side. Although you may feel vulnerable when it comes to love and romance, this does not mean that you have to hide this fact. (Maybe not, but do I want to blab it here for all the world to see? :rofl:) You may think that everyone else has it together in this department of life, but don’t be fooled by their facade. They are just as insecure as you are! (Good! Misery loves company. *g*) Go ahead and let this side of your personality shine. Admitting your vulnerability is actually wonderfully strengthening and attractive. (Somehow I’m having trouble believing this…)

“Trust any hunches you have about a person who is pursuing you. (Why, are they stalking me?) While partnership energy is running high for your sign, you are particularly selective and seek only someone who shares your values. (Oh! THAT kind of pursuit. Never mind. ;))

“Banish any skepticism, especially in light of this new opportunity that has just landed in your lap. (My goodness, it seems like I’m going to have a busy day today.) You’ll need all your faculties in order to spot even more avenues for improvement, and doubting yourself won’t help. (I need all my faculties? Damn. I’m screwed before I even get started, then. LOL! Only four hours of sleep :zzz: is NOT conducive to having all one’s faculties.)

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  1. You have as much problems with your stalker as I do with alarm clocks. :rofl:

    Comment by Bailey Stewart — July 7, 2006 @ 5:43 pm

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